Gomez – Whatever’s On Your Mind CD
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Gomez – Whatever’s On Your Mind CD

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Whatever’s On Your Mind is the 7th studio from the critically acclaimed English indie rock band, and is the most compelling, direct album of their 15 year career. Spread out across 2 continents, Gomez employed “long distance writing” to capture their freewheeling spirit in a tight, 10-song longplayer. Whatever’s On Your Mind finds Gomez driving forward on a beautifully lush and dynamic album. Item #: ATCD71
Track List
1. Options
2. I Will Take You There
3. Whatever’s On Your Mind
4. Just as Lost as You
5. The Place and the People
6. Our Goodbye
7. Song in my Heart
8. Equalize
9. That Wolf
10. X-Rays
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