King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity Die-Cut Picture Disc Vinyl LP
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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity Die-Cut Picture Disc Vinyl LP

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Nonagon shaped 2-LP die cut picture disc vinyl in a clear plastic jacket. Includes digital download.

Limited Edition of 1,500 copies. Only 350 available online, the rest will be available at independent record stores in the US and Canada.

"Nonagon infinity opens the door," sings Stu Mackenzie, frontman of Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It turns out, though, that once the door's open, it never closes. That's because the Melbourne septet has ingeniously crafted what may be the world's first infinitely looping LP. Each of the nine, complex, blistering tracks on 'Nonagon Infinity' seamlessly flows into the next, with the final song linking straight back into the top of the opener like a sonic mobius strip. But far from a simple conceptual experiment, the album is both an exhilarating shot of adrenaline and a remarkable feat of craftsmanship, the result of painstaking planning and an eye for detail years in the making.

 Item #: ATLP164
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Float Inside a Bubble (6/27/2016)
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are back once again. (Do these guys ever sleep??) This time with their eighth full length album, titled, Nonagon Infinity. From the opening note, to the end...er wait...is there an end? The end of the last song, ‘Road Train’, is the beginning of the first song, ‘Robot Stop’. Each song ends where the next begins. It’s infinity! Now of course, you’ll not get this full effect if you listen to it on vinyl (unless you are super quick at flipping your records), or just one time through digitally. So I suggest you give this a listen on a digital loop (normally I never say such things...analogue forever!). It’s a ride you won’t regret taking. ‘Robot Stop’ kicks things off with a shot of nitro. It’s energy filled ecstasy will make it hard for you to sit still. You’ll be dancing all over the room. The full album is a fast paced, tapping, moving, energy filled fireball. Before you know it, you’ll have heard the whole album and be back on ‘Robot Stop’, still dancing. I was so taken over by this album, that words were very difficult to come by. So after about 50 listens, I think I’ve finally cleared out some of the excitement to find some words! It’s just one amazing sweeping massive adventure. With each song feeding off one another, and building and building, it’s just...well, it’s wrapped around my very soul. The first single ‘Gamma Knife’, had me overly ecstatic when I first heard it, and then followed by the next single ‘People Vultures’, I was already melting before hearing the full album. If you’ve seen the picture from the album, of Stu Mackenzie holding his face...yeah...that’s my reaction to those first two singles. Just mind blowing. Then top it off with the double shot ending of ‘Wah Wah’ and ‘Road Train’...good lord, if you’re not sold by the time these come around, you will be, or you might want to check to see if you are still alive. It’s got groove, it’s got beat, it’s got attitude...it’s rock and f'n roll to the fullest. Grab this and hold on for a hell of a ride. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are sensational. Do I dare say album of the year??? Yikes, I know it’s bold. We still have 7 months to go. I’m sure they’ll have another album out before the year’s done! Alright...now back to the album...wonder if I’ll ever figure out where to stop??? “Evil death roll...now…”