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  • Hurray For The Riff Raff - The Navigator LP
    Item #: ATLP190
    On Hurray for the Riff Raff’s new album The Navigator, Alynda Segarra tells an interwoven, cinematic story of a wandering soul at a crossroads of identity and ancestral weight. It finds a street kid named Navita traversing a perpetually burning city in search of herself. The Navigator is a thrilling call to arms that could not come at a more crucial time. It also finds Hurray for the Riff Raff at its own musical intersection, delving deep into the worlds of Latin rhythms, searing rock, and incisive ballads.

    -Vinyl Includes Digital Download Card

    • $25.00
  • Chicano Batman - Freedom Is Free Opaque Orange Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP180
    Single jacket with inner sleeve, custom opaque orange vinyl, standard weight, comes with digital download card.

    Chicano Batman is making their boldest statement yet with 'Freedom Is Free,' their third album and ATO Records debut, out March 3, 2017. To achieve their ambitious sonic goals on 'Freedom Is Free', the quartet worked with producer Leon Michels (El Michels Affair, The Arcs) in his Diamond Mine Recording studio in Long Island City, NY. Michels, a veteran in the New York soul scene, has performed in Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, The Black Keys and The Menahan Street Band. In addition to tracking the album to analog tape, Michels contributed keyboards and his trademark horn arrangements (he’s been sampled by Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah).

    Track List:
    1. Passed You By
    2. Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)
    3. Angel Child
    4. Freedom Is Free
    5. La Jura (Prelude)
    6. La Jura
    7. Flecha Al Sol
    8. Jealousy
    9. Right Off The Back
    10. Run
    11. The Taker Story
    12. Area C

    Please note - we are waiting on additional stock to arrive. Orders are expected to ship in early April.

    • $20.00
  • Old 97’s Graveyard Whistling Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP194
    Returning to Tornillo TX, the birthplace of Too Far To Care, Old 97’s hoped to make something where fans would say, ‘This band hasn’t lost a step in twenty-some years.’

    The result is the eleven songs of Graveyard Whistling, from a group that has earned the respect and veneration due to one of the pioneers of the alt-country movement, while still retaining the raucous energy, deceptive cleverness, and knockabout spirit that first distinguished them from the pack.

    Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE, GREY

    • $22.98
  • "Flying Microtonal Banana" Highlighter Yellow Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP176
    Flying Microtonal Banana is King Gizzard’s first-ever experience in microtonal tuning, which features intervals smaller than a semitone and not found in customary Western tuning octaves. “Earlier this year we started experimenting with a custom microtonal guitar our friend Zak made for (lead singer and guitar player) Stu Mackenzie,” drummer Eric Moore explained. “The guitar was modified to play in 24-TET tuning and could only be played with other microtonal instruments. We ended up giving everyone a budget of $200 to buy instruments and turn them microtonal.”

    - Metallic gold jacket, highlighter yellow vinyl, scratch and sniff product sticker, standard weight.

    Order includes:
    - Free King Gizzard zine

    Track List
    1. Rattlesnake
    2. Melting
    3. Open Water
    4. Sleep Drifter
    5. Billabong Valley
    6. Anoxia
    7. Doom City
    8. Nuclear Fusion
    9. Flying Microtonal Banana

    • $20.00
  • Jonny Fritz – "Sweet Creep" Coke-Bottle LP
    Item #: ATLP105
    • Coke-Bottle Vinyl - $20
    o Clear vinyl, includes digital download card. Standard weight
    • $20.00
  • Okkervil River “Away” LP (red marble version)
    Item #: ATLP169
    Recorded over three days in a studio on Long Island, and mixed in LA with Jonathan Wilson, Away was written during a turbulent and transitional time for Will Sheff. It’s swirling, psychedelic backdrop and band of musicians with jazz and avant garde backgrounds represent the start of a bright new beginning for Okkervil River.

    2xLP in a gatefold jacket on clear red swirl vinyl. Includes full album digital download.

    Vinyl will ship in approximately 5 days.

    Track List
    1. Okkervil River R.I.P.
    2. Call Yourself Renee
    3. The Industry
    4. Comes Indiana Through the Smoke
    5. Judey on a Street
    6. She Would Look for Me
    7. Mary on a Wave
    8. Frontman in Heaven
    9. Days Spent Floating (in the Halfbetween)
    • $23.00
  • Drive-By Truckers - American Band LP + 7 inch
    Item #: ATLP195
    Drive-By Truckers have always been outspoken, telling a distinctly American story via craft, character, and concept, all backed by sonic ambition and social conscience. Founded in 1996 by singer/songwriter/guitarists Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood, the band have long held a progressive fire in their belly but with AMERICAN BAND, they have made the most explicitly political album in their extraordinary canon. A powerful and legitimately provocative work, hard edged and finely honed, the album is the sound of a truly American Band – a Southern American band – speaking on matters that matter. DBT made the choice to direct the Way We Live Now head on, employing realism rather than subtext or symbolism to purge its makers’ own anger, discontent, and frustration with societal disintegration and the urban/rural divide that has partitioned the country for close to a half-century.
    AMERICAN BAND’s considerable force can in part be credited to the sheer musical strength of the current Drive-By Truckers line-up, with Hood and Cooley joined by bassist Matt Patton, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Gonzalez, and drummer Brad Morgan – together, the longest-lasting iteration in the band’s two-decade history. AMERICAN BAND follows ENGLISH OCEANS and 2015’s IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!, marking the first time DBT have made three consecutive LPs with the same hard-traveling crew.

    • $22.98
  • Joseph "I'm Alone, No You're Not" Vinyl (Blue)
    Item #: ATLP170
    Joseph "I'm Alone, No You're Not" Vinyl (Translucent Blue)

    • $20.00
  • Blind Pilot - And Then Like Lions Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP175
    Written and composed by Blind Pilot’s Israel Nebeker over the course of three years, the record is a transcendent, cathartic response to the loss of his father and end of a 13-year relationship. ‘Lions’ is Blind Pilot’s most exhilarating album to date, a lush 10-song collection that is resilient, uplifting and often majestic in the face of tragedy.

    Track list
    1. Umpqua Rushing
    2. Joik #3
    3. Moon At Dawn
    4. Packed Powder
    5. Don’t Doubt
    6. Seeing Is Believing
    7. Which Side I’m On
    8. It Was Enough
    9. What Is Yet
    10. Like Lions

    • $19.99
  • Margaret Glaspy - Emotions and Math Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP167
    New York City’s Margaret Glaspy crafts searing, captivating, guitar-driven pop songs, wielding a silver tongue and an electric guitar. Her raw sound draws heavily from Elliott Smith to Joni Mitchell. Glaspy is poised for a big year in 2016, having cut her debut album at the legendary Sear Sound. The album was mixed by Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Lucius). These 12 tracks present an artist who has arrived – intricate, unique rock songs underscored by “hot barbs of electric guitar” (Rolling Stone).

    Track List:

    Emotions And Math Situation You And I Somebody To Anybody No Matter Who Memory Street Pins And Needles Anthony Parental Guidance You Don't Want Me Love Like This Black Is Blue

    • $19.98
  • The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith of Phobos Vinyl LP
    Item #: ATLP166
    2xLP gold vinyl in a gatefold jacket. Includes digital download card.

    Track Listing:
    1. The Monolith Of Phobos
    2. Cricket and the Genie – Movement I, The Delirium
    3. Cricket and the Genie – Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket
    4. Mr. Wright
    5. Boomerang Baby
    6. Breath of a Salesman
    7. Captain Lariat
    8. Ohmerica
    9. Oxycontin Girl
    10. Bubbles Burst
    11. There’s No Underwear In Space
    • $22.00
  • My Morning Jacket, It Still Moves Deluxe Re-Issue LP
    Item #: ATLP171
    4 LP set on 180-gram black vinyl in a gatefold jacket. Includes the original album remixed and remastered plus 13 previously unreleased demos and b-sides. Includes never before seen photographs and a digital download coupon

    My Morning Jacket has re-issued 2003’s It Still Moves remixed and remastered as a special deluxe package with new artwork and exclusive photos. It includes frontman Jim James’ ten original demos plus three unheard tracks from the original sessions. With the help of the band’s longtime friend Kevin Ratterman behind the mixing desk, James revisited and tweaked all the old material. Remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, this new version still has that shimmering grandeur that lent it such a singular identity, but there is an increased strength and clarity to it now.

    “Everybody can relate to something they've done in their life where you didn't know it at the time, but you were rushed through finishing it,” James said. He cites the band's aggressive touring schedule as a reason behind them leaving the album somehow unfinished.
    • $50.00
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity - Translucent Blue with Red Splatter Colored Vinyl (Pre-order, Ships Mid-May)
    Item #: ATLP193
    140 gram single LP on translucent blue and red splatter vinyl in a gatefold jacket.

    "Nonagon infinity opens the door," sings Stu Mackenzie, frontman of Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It turns out, though, that once the door's open, it never closes. That's because the Melbourne septet has ingeniously crafted what may be the world's first infinitely looping LP. Each of the nine, complex, blistering tracks on 'Nonagon Infinity' seamlessly flows into the next, with the final song linking straight back into the top of the opener like a sonic mobius strip. But far from a simple conceptual experiment, the album is both an exhilarating shot of adrenaline and a remarkable feat of craftsmanship, the result of painstaking planning and an eye for detail years in the making.

    Please note this item will ship on or around May 16 along with the rest of the items in your cart. If you would like to receive other items sooner please place a separate order.

    • $20.00
  • Allen Stone - Radius LP + Radius Deluxe MP3
    Item #: ATLP162
    On his third full-length album, Seattle soul artist Allen Stone proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. Made in close collaboration with Swedish soul singer/songwriter/phenom Magnus Tingsek and producers Benny Cassette (Kanye West) and Malay (Frank Ocean), Radius captures the warm energy of that creative connection and transports the listener to a higher and more exalted plane.

    ATO Records will release Radius (Deluxe Edition) on March 25th, 2016 featuring 7 exciting bonus tracks. .

    SIDE A:
    Perfect World
    Fake Future
    American Privilege

    SIDE B:
    Freezer Burn
    Where You’re At

    SIDE C:
    The Wire
    Guardian Angel

    SIDE D:
    I Know That I Wasn’t Right

    • $21.99
  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Paper Mache Dream Balloon - Custom Mixed Orange Colored Vinyl (Pre-order Ships Mid–June)
    Item #: ATLP156
    Prepare yourself for the latest from prolific Australian psych weirdos King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Paper Mache Dream Balloon, available now on tangerine vinyl. Their seventh album in four years, Paper Mache Dream Balloon is the band’s ATO debut and marks a shift in the band’s trademark face-melting sound:

    "After Mind Fuzz and Quarters I was starting to get over concept records. I wanted to make an album with a collection of short unrelated songs. I wanted to steer away from electric guitar music, which I feel like we’d explored pretty heavily on the last couple. So Paper Mache Dream Balloon, the concept-less concept album, got a concept.

    No electric instruments, just acoustic guitars, flute, double bass, fiddle, harmonica, drum kit, clarinet. Whatever we could find really. We recorded it mostly in an empty shipping container on my parent’s farm in country Victoria. It was all horses, emus, and tim tams.” - Stu Mackenzie of KGATLW

    Please note this item will ship on or around June 23rd along with the rest of the items in your cart. If you would like to receive other items sooner please place a separate order.

    Track Listing

    01 Sense
    02 Bone
    03 Dirt
    04 Paper Mache Dream Balloon
    05 Trapdoor
    06 Cold Cadaver
    07 The Bitter Boogie
    08 N.G.R.I (Bloodstain)
    09 Time = Fate
    10 Time = $$$
    11 Most Of What I Like
    12 Paper Mache

    • $20.00
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity Die-Cut Picture Disc Vinyl LP
    Item #: ATLP164
    Nonagon shaped 2-LP die cut picture disc vinyl in a clear plastic jacket. Includes digital download.

    Limited Edition of 1,500 copies. Only 350 available online, the rest will be available at independent record stores in the US and Canada.

    "Nonagon infinity opens the door," sings Stu Mackenzie, frontman of Australian psych-rockers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It turns out, though, that once the door's open, it never closes. That's because the Melbourne septet has ingeniously crafted what may be the world's first infinitely looping LP. Each of the nine, complex, blistering tracks on 'Nonagon Infinity' seamlessly flows into the next, with the final song linking straight back into the top of the opener like a sonic mobius strip. But far from a simple conceptual experiment, the album is both an exhilarating shot of adrenaline and a remarkable feat of craftsmanship, the result of painstaking planning and an eye for detail years in the making.

  • Lisa Hannigan "At Swim" LP
    Item #: ATLP174
    At Swim, will be released August 19 via ATO Records. The release follows her second full-length album, Passenger, which NPR Music praised as “lush and beautiful,” while Rolling Stone furthered, “Her voice is light and agile, her phrasing like exquisite plumage, and her folksy songs move with deceptive power, sailing on guitars, strings and Irish drama.”At Swim was recorded in New York with producer Aaron Dessner (The National).

    Includes digital download card.

    Track Listing
    1. Fall
    2. Prayer for the Dying
    3. Snow
    4. Lo
    5. Undertow
    6. Ora
    7. We, the Drowned
    8. Anahorish
    9. Tender
    10. Funeral Suit
    11. Barton

    • $20.00
  • Margaret Glaspy “You and I b/w Somebody to Anybody” 7" Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP160
    2 song advance single in advance of Margaret Glaspy’s ATO debut (Out June 2016)
    Track List
    Side A – You & I
    Side B – Somebody to Anybody

    Note, this item will ship from ATO Records on or around Feb 15.

    Item #: ATLP157

    • $19.99
  • Rayland Baxter - Imaginary Man LP
    Item #: ATLP154
    1. Mr. Rodriguez
    2. Oh My Captain
    3. Mother Mother
    4. Yellow Eyes
    5. Rugged Lovers
    6. Young Man
    7. All In My Head
    8. Freakin Me Out
    9. Memories of Old Hickory
    10. Your Love
    11. Lady of the Desert

    • $19.99
  • Rayland Baxter - feathers & fishHooks LP
    Item #: ATLP159
    Single LP on forest green vinyl. Contains digital download.

    Rayland Baxter’s debut full-length album ‘feathers & fishHooks’ is now available on limited edition forest green vinyl. Album download card included. ‘feathers & fishHooks’ was recorded in Nashville and was produced by Rayland along with Skylar Wilson (Justin Townes Earle, Caitlin Rose) and Eric Masse (Madi Diaz, Kyle Ryan). Grammy Award-winning producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon) mixed the record and served as its executive producer.
    • $19.99
  • Kopecky - Drug for the Modern Age LP
    Item #: ATLP155
    Drug for the Modern Age explores such life-altering events as the sudden loss of a loved one, divorce, and struggles with addiction, along with more joyful happenings like new love and marriage. “The album was written in this weird time of so much pain but also happiness, and that really informed the writing and recording,” says vocalist/guitarist Gabe Simon, who co-founded the group with vocalist/keyboardist Kelsey Kopecky in 2007. “Our goal was to talk about all these very serious things we were dealing with, but in a way that felt nothing like wallowing and more like standing triumphantly, or even dancing our way through it.”


    1. Die Young
    2. My Love
    3. Better Luck Next Time
    4. Quarterback
    5. Real Life
    6. Closed Doors
    7. Talk to Me
    8. Thrill
    9. Vancouver
    10. Natural Selection
    11. Burnin’
    12. Drug for the Modern Age

    • $19.99
  • Alabama Shakes – "Sound and Color" Black 2xLP (180-Gram Vinyl)
    Item #: ATLP99
    Gatefold jacket, 180-gram audiophile pressing, includes digital download card.

    Track List:
    SIDE A
    1. Sound & Color
    2. Don't Wanna Fight
    3. Dunes
    4. Future People

    SIDE B
    1. Gimme All Your Love
    2. This Feeling
    3. Guess Who
    4. The Greatest
    5. Shoegaze

    SIDE C
    1. Miss You
    2. Gemini
    3. Over My Head

    • $29.99
  • Rhett Miller with Black Prairie - The Traveler Vinyl LP
    Item #: ATLP153
    (Black vinyl, contains digital download card)

    "In late January of 2014, I entered Portland, Oregon's legendary Jackpot Studios accompanied by my friends in the band Black Prairie. John, Jon, Jenny, Nate, Chris, Annalisa and I tracked quickly. Almost everything you hear on The Traveler was recorded live on the floor of Jackpot during that beautiful week. The great Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey came in later and helped out with a few overdubs and that was pretty much it.
    My favorite thing about music is the friendship it engenders. And the best way to make music is to get some friends together in a room and roll tape. That's how The Traveler came to be. I'm so grateful to Black Prairie for all the fun we had making The Traveler.

    Thanks for listening. Please enjoy.”
    -Rhett Miller

    • $19.99
  • Alabama Shakes – "Sound & Color" Clear 2xLP (Standard Weight Vinyl)
    Item #: ATLP98
    Gatefold jacket, includes digital download card.

    Track List:
    SIDE A
    1. Sound & Color
    2. Don't Wanna Fight
    3. Dunes
    4. Future People

    SIDE B
    1. Gimme All Your Love
    2. This Feeling
    3. Guess Who
    4. The Greatest
    5. Shoegaze

    SIDE C
    1. Miss You
    2. Gemini
    3. Over My Head

    • $22.99
  • Two Gallants – We Are Undone LP (Vinyl)
    Item #: ATLP148
    Printed on orange/black marble vinyl. Includes digital download code.

    Track List:

    1. We Are Undone
    2. Incidental
    3. Fools Like Us
    4. Invitation to the Funeral
    5. Some Trouble
    6. My Man Go
    7. Katy Kruelly
    8. Heartbreakdown
    9. Murder the Season / The Age Nocturne
    10. There’s So Much I Don’t Know

    • $19.99
  • Two Gallants - 7" Single LP - "Fools Like Us (Piano Version)" and "Hami"
    Item #: ATLP96
    7" Single LP - "Fools Like Us (piano version)" and "Smut Shame Blues"
    • $4.99
  • Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter LP
    Item #: ATLP101
    Gatefold vinyl LP includes digital download card.

    ‘The Firewatcher’s Daughter’ was recorded almost entirely as first takes without any demoing and little rehearsal before gathering at Bear Creek Studio in Washington State.

    The result is immediate and electrifying. “The Eye,” a song influenced by Crosby, Stills and Nash, is so intimate and hushed you can hear the quiver of Brandi’s voice in a flawless 3-part harmony. Lead-off track and first single “Wherever Is Your Heart” captures a fiery intensity.

    ‘The Firewatcher’s Daughter’ follows 2012’s ‘Bear Creek,’ which debuted in the Billboard Top 10, was hailed as “gorgeous” by Rolling Stone and “tremendously assured” by NPR. Brandi has sold out venues like Red Rocks, back to back nights at The Beacon Theater and performed at Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and more.

    Track listing:
    1. Wherever Is Your Heart
    2. The Eye
    3. The Things I Regret
    4. Mainstream Kid
    5. Beginning To Feel The Years
    6. Wilder (We're Chained)
    7. Blood Muscle Skin & Bone
    8. I Belong To You
    9. Alibi
    10. The Stranger At My Door
    11. Heroes And Songs
    12. Murder In The City

    • $19.99
  • DBT Black Ice Vérité LP & DVD
    Item #: ATLP150
    On February 12th, 2014, we planned an intimate private 'dress rehearsal' show to premiere the songs from our brand new album "English Oceans" in front of a small live audience of friends. The plan was to film and record the performance for use in promoting the album. It turned out to be the day of an ice storm that essentially shut down the Southeast for a couple of days and the roads were unpassable from the combination of black ice and the South's lack of snow plows and ice related services. We played the album in its entirety and had a pretty swell time. This DVD contains the performance and is a pretty nifty document of that moment in time for our band.

    • Download of English Oceans & Live Bonus Tracks
    • 12" Colored Vinyl of Live Bonus Tracks
    • Black Ice Vérité DVD - Concert footage of the entire album English Oceans performed live at a special show on February 12, 2014 at The Fabulous 40 Watt Club in Athens GA.
    LP Track Listing:
    Side 1
    1. First Air of Autumn
    2. Grand Canyon
    3. Made Up English Oceans
    4. The Part of Him
    Side 2
    1. Feb 14
    2. Panties in Your Purse
    3. Dead Drunk and Naked
    4. Shit Shots Count

    DVD Track Listing
    1. Black Ice Vérite' introduction
    2. Primer Coat
    3. The Part of Him
    4. Shit Shots Count
    5. When He's Gone
    6. Hearing Jimmy Loud
    7. Pauline Hawkins
    8. Made Up English Oceans
    9. Hanging On
    10. Till He's Dead or Rises
    11. Natural Light
    12. When Walter Went Crazy
    13. First Air of Autumn
    14. Grand Canyon
    • $21.99
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Standing In The Sun" 7" + "Make My Head Sing" LP Bundle
    Item #: AT38COMBO
    Bundle includes 2014 release "Make My Heart Sing" LP and the brand new 7" EP "Standing in the Sun."
    • $23.99
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield “Standing In The Sun” b/w “No Fun” (live) 7” LP
    Item #: ATLP94
    Two-song limited single from Jessica Lea Mayfield. The A-side is the poppy-blues influenced “Standing In The Sun” from Make My Head Sing. NPR said of the track: “Her voice and the melody achieve a shimmering beauty, the sound of music coming from far away, floating through your mind”. The b-side is a live take of “No Fun” which sounds even more heartbrokenly-epic and reverb-drenched than the album version. Recorded at Chicago’s Empty Bottle, the song served as the evenings closer - and rightly so - it’s hard to imagine anything could have followed it up.

    On yellow vinyl and only 500 pressed so act fast. Artwork was hand created by Jessica herself.

    ** This single is mail-order only **

    • $5.99
  • Mariachi El Bronx – Mariachi El Bronx (III) LP - Orange Day-Glo Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP146
    The new album III from Mariachi El Bronx, the alter ego of acclaimed Los Angeles punk outfit The Bronx, is out now for download, on CD, or on day-glo orange vinyl! Not content to simply excel within the confines of the mariachi genre, they ditched the rulebook and dusted off old sequencers, synths, and an ARP. The ten striking songs that resulted fuse traditional melodies with modern ambience. Comes with Digital Download.
    • $16.99
  • Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP144
    Available on chocolate-colored vinyl! Five golden LPs will be produced and scattered about at random. Each copy comes with digital version of the album.
    • $22.99
  • Stars – No One is Lost - Double LP on Fluorescent Pink Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP147
    STARS recorded ‘No One Is Lost’ at Montreal’s Mile End Studios, the former home of Handsome Furs (and the site of Arcade Fire’s first rehearsals). Mile End became a home away from home. Creeping into the sound of the new record was the music from the now-defunct discotheque Royal Phoenix located downstairs. The result is STARS’ most dance-floor-ready album to date. Drummer Pat McGee explains, “The sub-bass throb coming from the club below our studio was undeniably and unavoidably influential. It motivated us to out-throb the throb.” Comes with a Digital Download.
    • $22.99
  • Fly Golden Eagle “Quartz Bijou" LP
    Item #: ATLP92
    Track List

    1. You Look Good to Me
    2. Horse's Mouth
    3. Stepping Stone
    4. Magic Steven
    5. Tangible Intangible
    6. Monolith
    7. The Slider
    8. Medicine Hat
    9. Tehuacana
    10. Death Myth

    • $19.99
  • Benjamin Booker LP
    Item #: ATLP86
    ATO is excited to announce the signing of Benjamin Booker, a young New Orleans based singer-songwriter. Described as “a well-mixed musical cocktail of punk, folk, and New Orleans blues”, Booker cites his influences as The Gun Club, Blind Willie Johnson, and T. Rex. Benjamin’s self-titled debut album, produced by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray For The Riff Raff) is available now on ATO (USA) / Rough Trade (Europe).

    An esteemed colleague had this to say about Benjamin’s music:
    "It’s exciting, raw, soulful, and has a brilliant relentless beat, that only those who love rock and roll truly understand.”
    • $19.99
  • SOJA Amid the Noise and Haste 2-LP Gold Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP89
    SOJA Amid the Noise and Haste 2-LP Gold Vinyl

    Amid the Noise and Haste features special guests Michael Franti, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, J Boog, Collie Buddz and more.
    • $19.99
  • Old Crow Medicine Show - Remedy LP
    Item #: ATLP91
    Heavily celebrated Grammy Award winning band Old Crow Medicine Show have release their new record Remedy via ATO Records. Ten years after the massive success of folk anthem “Wagon Wheel”, which started as a track on a Bob Dylan work tape later finished by fiddler/band leader Ketch Secor, Remedy features a new Dylan/Old Crow penned collaboration on the new track “Sweet Amarillo” one of the album’s many highlights. Remedy also features the return of producer Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Gaslight Anthem), who produced 2012’s highly praised Carry Me Back.

    Click Additional Description for Track Listing
    • $21.99
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela 9 Dead Alive LP
    Item #: ATLP87
    Rodrigo y Gabriela 9 Dead Alive Red Vinyl includes a download card.
    • $19.99
  • Old 97s - Most Messed Up LP
    Item #: ATLP85
    Most Messed Up is a revealing, 12-track meditation on 20 years in music that finds the Old 97's at their raucous, boozy best. It’s “a rock opera, a way-off Broadway musical about a musician’s life, loves and lubrication,” says music critic Bill Flanagan. Recorded in Austin and produced by Salim Nourallah, Most Messed Up also features guest appearances by Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Guns N’ Roses) and Jon Rauhouse (Neko Case) on lap-steel.

    Titles like “Wasted,” “Intervention,” “Wheels Off,” “Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On,” and “Most Messed Up” hint at the kind of narrators frontman Rhett Miller likes to inhabit — men who possess an appetite for indulgence and won’t let a few bad decisions get in the way of a good story. The magic in Miller’s songwriting lies in the depth that he lends his characters. Upon closer inspection, the hard partying and endless pursuit of a good time often reveals itself to be a Band-Aid covering up deeper wounds and emotional scars. “There’s a lot of darkness hidden in this record,” Miller explains.
    • $19.99
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield – Make My Head Sing… LP
    Item #: ATLP83
    Make My Head Sing… was co-produced by Mayfield and her collaborator, bassist and husband Jesse Newport and was recorded at Nashville’s Club Roar studio. Of the new music Mayfield comments, “The whole record is just me and Jesse and my drummer Matt Martin. I think a lot of my favorite bands are guitar, bass and drums. I wanted to simplify things. Bands are so big these days, I wanted to get in the studio and make a rock record and hear real guitar tones and something heavy.” Make My Head Sing… follows Mayfield’s 2011 release, Tell Me, which was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and was described by Rolling Stone, which named her an Artist to Watch, as “a disarming collision of stark country balladry, dynamic alternative rock and arty electronic pop.”

    Click Additional Description for Track Listing
    • $19.99
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War LP
    Item #: ATLP75
    Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War LP
    Release Date: 4/1/14

    INCLUDES: bonus 7" with two exclusive tracks + Album Digital Download Card

    Education, Education, Education & War was recorded in Atlanta with producer Ben H. Allen III (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, Deerhunter) and mixed at Electric Lady Studios by Michael Brauer (My Morning Jacket, Coldplay).

    Track list
    1. The Factory Gates
    2. Coming Home
    3. Misery Company
    4. Ruffians On Parade
    5. Meanwhile Up In Heave
    6. One More Last Song
    7. My Life
    8. Bows & Arrows
    9. Cannons
    10. Roses
    • $19.99
  • The Belle Brigade - Just Because LP
    Item #: ATLP76
    The Belle Brigade recorded their new album 'Just Because' with engineer/co-producer Shawn Everett. Bram Inscore and Blake Mills, who also performed on the band’s debut album, joined them in the studio and they once again enlisted the mastering talents of the legendary Bob Ludwig.
    • $19.99
  • Bob Dylan in the 80s: Volume One LP
    Item #: ATLP78
    LP comes with download card including 7 bonus tracks!

    The brainchild of producers Jesse Lauter (Elvis Perkins, The Low Anthem) and Sean O’Brien (Dawes, PAPA), the mission of Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One is to shed new light on a large cache of Bob Dylan songs that have long gone ignored, covering the period starting with 1980’s Saved and ending with 1990’s Under The Red Sky (including unreleased material -- the “80s Basement Tapes” -- and The Traveling Wilburys). This collection includes liner notes written by Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn, Fortress of Solitude).

    Click More Info for Track List

    Includes free download of "Jokerman" by Built to Sill (available Jan 24)
    • $19.99
  • Majestico- When Kingdom Come
    Item #: ATLP93
    12" LP with digital download card. Available exclusively in ATO's Record’s Online Store.

    "Majestico is crucial if you like to party. I like to party crucially." - Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes)

    Majestico's full-length debut, When Kingdom Come, is out now. Produced by Andrija Tokic (of Alabama Shakes' Boys & Girls) at his Bomb Shelter Studios in Majestico's home city of Nashville, When Kingdom Come is ten tracks of fuzzed-out psychedelic garage rock gems. The elusive Graham Fitzpenn is the mastermind behind Majestico, the band's frontman and songwriter. In his own words, "Majestico is currently surfing your airwaves. He’s cruising a tram ride on the milky-way highway searching for the key to life." Get on his wavelength (if you can) and scoop the LP from the ATO Store!
    • $17.99
  • Drive-By Truckers English Oceans LP
    Item #: ATLP82
    English Oceans, the band’s 12th release, is an elegantly balanced and deeply engaged new effort that finds the group refreshed and firing on all cylinders. “It can go from this chainsaw rock ‘n’ roll to this very delicate, pretty-sounding stuff,” says Mike Cooley.

    English Oceans was recorded over 13 days at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA with their longtime producer, David Barbe. Cooley fans will be happy that he brought six new songs to the sessions and this record marks the first time that Cooley sings a song penned by Patterson Hood on “Til He’s Dead or Rises.”

    In typical DBT fashion the songs depict an array of characters. “Pauline Hawkins,” is based on a new novel by Willy Vlautin. DBT’s ever-keen political edge can be seen in two songs on the record. Cooley’s “Made Up English Oceans” and Hood’s “The Part of Him.” “It’s about political assholery — there’s someone new playing that role every few months,” says Hood. “Grand Canyon,” the final song on the album, is an emotionally overwhelming tribute to Craig Lieske, a longtime member of DBT’s touring family. Lieske died suddenly in January and the album is dedicated to him.

    The album was recorded with a compact, retooled lineup. Jay Gonzalez, who joined the band in 2008 as keyboardist, has added guitar to his duties, while bassist Matt Patton was drafted from the Tuscaloosa group The Dexateens. “It’s a very tasteful group, and when it needs to be it can be a very big, powerful, over-the-top band, too, and it can go from one to the other seamlessly,” says Hood.
    • $20.99
  • Mike Gordon "Overstep" 2-LP Blue Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP81
    Pressed on 2 blue LPs, Overstep is Mike Gordon's fourth solo studio album, following Moss, The Green Sparrow, and Inside In.

    Gordon and Scott Murawski penned the songs for Overstep during a series of writing retreats in New England. He turned over the producing reins to Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Uncle Tupelo, Pixies) and invited a few new players into the studio, including legendary drummer Matt Chamberlain (Jon Brion, Fiona Apple).

    "Yarmouth Road," the infectious, reggae-inspired number is already familiar to Phish fans after its debut (along with "Say Something") on the band's Summer 2013 tour. Distant industrial noise gradually gives way to lush guitars and welcoming vocal harmonies in "Ether," the album opener (listen to the track here), while "Jumping" is a rhythmic puzzle box, detailing a series of thoughts that take place in a fleeting 1.5 seconds.

    Many of these songs promise huge payoffs in a live environment, most notably two plunging grooves that seem capable of bringing a house down. "Tiny Little World" opens with a polite reverie about a fetching woman in a coffee shop, but morphs quickly into pulsing boogie as the narrator is carried away by desire and bravado. Debauched exhortations to dance surface again in "Face," which chugs along atop Chamberlain's simple but undeniable pocket.

    Each LP includes a voucher to download an MP3 version of the album.

    • $21.00
  • Hurray for the Riff Raff - Small Town Heroes LP
    Item #: ATLP80
    Hurray for the Riff Raff - Small Town Heroes LP
    • $19.99
  • Les Claypool's Duo De Twang - Four Foot Shack LP
    Item #: ATLP79
    How “deconstructed” can a group get? How about just one vocal, one bass, one guitar, and a basic beat supplied by stomping on a mini-tambourine-doohickey? That’s exactly what everyone’s favorite storyteller/narrator, Les Claypool, is incorporating in his new band, Duo de Twang. While Les is still pulling double duty with the Primus lads, he has also found the time to unite with his old buddy, Bryan Kehoe, who fans will recognize from several past Claypool projects, and also as one of the main actors from Les’ hilarious jam band mockumentary, ‘Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo.’ But unlike Primus, DDT focuses more on the Americana/rootsy side of things – as heard throughout the band’s debut recording Four Foot Shack.
    • $19.99
  • Midlake: Antiphon LP
    Item #: ATLP73
    Midlake: Antiphon LP
    • $17.99
  • J.Roddy Walston & The Business - Essential Tremors LP
    Item #: ATLP71
    The third album from J. Roddy Walston & The Business, Essential Tremors borrows its name from a nervous-system disorder that’s long plagued the band’s frontman. “It’s this condition where my hands shake?sometimes not at all, but sometimes pretty bad,” says singer/pianist/guitarist Walston. “I’ve referenced it throughout all our records in some way, but it made sense to be more open about it on this album, which is partly about owning and embracing your weirdness instead of letting it hold you captive because you don’t even want to talk about it.”

    Co-produced by Matt Wignall and Grammy-winning producer/engineer Mark Neill at Neill’s own Soil of the South Studios (a Valdosta, Georgia-based facility where J. Roddy Walston & The Business were the first to ever record), the follow-up to 2010’s much-acclaimed self-titled sophomore album also finds the band crafting lyrics that ultimately serve as a secret language to the initiated listener.

    Track List

    1. Heavy Bells
    2. Marigold
    3. Take It As It Comes
    4. Black Light
    5. Sweat Shock
    6. Nobody Knows
    7. Hard Times
    8. Boys Can Never Tell
    9. Same Days
    10. Tear Jerk
    11. Midnight Cry
    12. I Think of You (Bonus Track)
    • $14.99
  • Drive By Truckers - Alabama Ass Whuppin' LP
    Item #: ATLP72
    Drive By Truckers - Alabama Ass Whuppin' LP

    Track List

    1. Why Henry Drinks 2. Lookout Mountain 3. The Living Bubba 4. Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) 5. Don't Be In Love Around Me 6. 18 Wheels of Love 7. The Avon Lady 8. Margo and Harold 9. (alabama ass whuppin' banter) 10. Buttholeville 11. Steve McQueen 12. People Who Died 13. Love Like This.
    • $21.99
  • Gogol Bordello: Pura Vida Conspiracy
    Item #: ATLP69
    Gogol Bordello's sixth full-length album. Opaque white vinyl with an opaque white bonus 7" and download card. 7" features "Crack The Case" and "Jealous Sister."

    Internationally renowned gypsy punk rock group Gogol Bordello return with their sixth full-length album Pura Vida Conspiracy. Produced by Andrew Scheps, the new album was recorded in El Paso, Texas at Sonic Ranch Studios and is a powerful collection of 12 surging new songs. The album’s title is derived from a Spanish slang phrase for “pure life,” which is a theme that resonates throughout the new material. The disc’s opener, “We Rise Again,” introduces the album’s limitless, all-embracing themes instantly, centered on a chorus of “Borders are scars on face of the planet.” The new songs are infused with ideas rooted in Eastern philosophy but also search for a means of joining fragmented parts and persons, and of creating a worldwide consciousness.

    Track List

    1. We Rise Again
    2. Dig Deep Enough
    3. Malandrino
    4. Lost Innocent World
    5. It Is the Way You Name Your Ship
    6. The Other Side of Rainbow
    7. Amen
    8. I Just Realized 9. My Gypsy Auto Pilot
    10. Hieroglyph
    11. John the Conqueror (Truth is Always the Same)
    12. We Shall Sail
    • $16.99
  • Jonny Fritz - Dad Country LP
    Item #: ATLP57
    Jonny Fritz - Dad Country LP
    • $19.99
  • John Denver The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver 2-LP
    Item #: ATLP50
    John Denver The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver 2-LP

    Double album, includes full album download

    Track List

    1. My Morning Jacket - Leaving on a Jet Plane
    2. Dave Matthews - Take Me to Tomorrow
    3. Kathleen Edwards - All of my Memories
    4. J Mascis and Sharon Van Etten - Prisoners
    5. Train - Sunshine on my Shoulders
    6. Old Crow Medicine Show - Back Home Again
    7. Lucinda Williams - This Old Guitar
    8. Amos Lee - Some Days Are Diamonds
    9. Allen Stone - Rocky Mountain High
    10. Brett Dennen and Milow - Annie's Song
    11. Evan Dando - Looking for Space
    12. Brandi Carlile - Take Me Home Country Roads
    13. Blind Pilot - The Eagle and the Hawk
    14. Mary Chapin Carpenter - I Guess He'd Rather be in Colorado
    15. Josh Ritter and Barnstar - Darcy Follow
    16. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Wooden Indian
    • $18.99
  • Caitlin Rose - The Stand-In LP
    Item #: ATLP51
    Caitlin Rose - The Stand-In LP w/ FREE Album Download Card

    Track List:

    No One to Call I Was Cruel Waitin' Only A Clown Pink Champagne Dallas Golden Boy Everywhere I Go Silver Sings When I'm Gone Menagerie Old Numbers
    • $15.99
  • Bobby Long - Wishbone LP
    Item #: ATLP58
    Bobby Long - Wishbone LP

    Track List:

    1. Devil Moon
    2. She Won't Leave
    3. In Your Way
    4. Blood in the Orchard
    5. Help You Mend
    6. Making You Talk
    7. All My Brothers
    8. My Parade
    9. Yesterday Yesterday
    10. Waiting for Dawn
    11. Not Tonight, Not Today
    12. To the Light
    • $20.00
  • Jim James "Regions of Light and Sound of God" LP
    Item #: ATLP48
    Jim James "Regions of Light and Sound of God"

    Track listing:

    1. State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)
    2. Know Til Now
    3. Dear One
    4. A New Life
    5. Exploding
    6. Of the Mother Again
    7. Actress
    8. All Is Forgiven
    9. God's Love to Deliver
    • $18.99
  • Trey Anastasio, Traveler LP
    Item #: ATLP47
    Trey Anastasio, Traveler LP

    Pressed on gold colored 180 gram vinyl, the album comes with a Traveler bonus 7" as well as a download card for an MP3 version of the album.

    Traveler, Trey's newest studio album, was co-produced with Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Jónsi) at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, CT. Musicians include Trey Anastasio Band, Mates of State's Kori Gardner, The National's Bryan Devendorf and Matt Berninger, Bon Iver's Rob Moose, and Icelandic percussionist Samuli Kosminen.

    Track Listing

    Let Me Lie
    The Land of Nod
    Clint Eastwood
    • $18.99
  • Patterson Hood -  Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance LP
    Item #: ATLP44
    Patterson Hood - Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance LP
    • $17.99
  • Two Gallants – The Bloom and the Blight LP
    Item #: ATLP46
    Two Gallants – The Bloom and the Blight Halcyon Days
    Song of Songs
    My Love Won't Wait
    Broken Eyes
    Ride Away
    Winter's Youth
    Cradle Pyre
    Sunday Souvenirs
    • $14.99
  • Stars - The North
    Item #: ATLP45
    Stars - The North

    The Theory of Relativity
    The North
    Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
    Through the Mines
    Do You Want to Die Together
    Lights Changing Colour
    The Loose Ends Will Make Knots
    A Song is a Weapon
    The 400
    • $14.99
  • Stars - The North Bootleg Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP64
    •Hand packaged, stamped, and numbered by ATO's staff

    •500 "bootleg" vinyl were secretly sent to independent record stores one week before the album's release in Aug 2012. These copies for sale here are the manufacturer's overrun and labeled A-XX/500

    •Only 25 for sale and then they're gone forever!

    Track Listing:

    Side A

    1. The Theory of Relativity 2. Backlines 3. The North 4. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It 5. Through the Mines 6. Do You Want to Die Together? Side B

    1. Lights Changing Colour 2. The Loose Ends Will Make Knots 3. A Song is a Weapon 4. Progress 5. The 400 6. Walls
    • $24.99
  • Alberta Cross 'Songs of Patience' Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP37
    - 'Songs of Patience' Vinyl
    - 'Songs of Patience' 256 KBPS MP3 download

    Track List
    1. Magnolia
    2. Create Of Gold
    3. Lay Down
    4. Come on Maker
    5. Ophelia On My Mind
    6. Wasteland
    7. I Believe In Everything
    8. Life Without Warning
    9. Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame)
    10. Bonfires
    • $15.98
  • Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry Me Back LP
    Item #: ATLP38
    1. Carry Me Back to Virginia
    2. We Don't Grow Tobacco
    3. Levi
    4. Bootlegger's Boy
    5. Ain't it Enough
    6. Mississippi Saturday Night
    7. Steppin' Out
    8. Genevieve
    9. Country Gal
    10. Half Mile Down
    11. Sewanee Mountain Catfight
    12. Ways of Man
    • $15.99
  • Everest - Ownerless<br> LP
    Item #: ATLP36
    Everest - Ownerless CD

    1. Rapture
    2. Into the Grey
    3. Give A Little
    4. Raking Me Over the Coals
    5. Never Disappoint
    6. Hungry Ghost
    7. Letter
    8. Games
    9. Far Off, Away
    10. Hologram
    11. Ownerless
    12. Do You Ever Wanna Have Some Fun (Digital Bonus Track)
    • $14.99
  • Allen Stone - Allen Stone Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP39
    Track list

    1. Sleep
    2. Celebrate Tonight
    3. What I've Seen
    4. Say So
    5. The Wind
    6. Satisfaction
    7. Contact High
    8. Nothing to Prove
    9. Your Eyes
    10. Unaware
    • $15.99
  • Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls LP
    Item #: ATLP28
    •Bonus 7" vinyl including "Heavy Chevy" and two vinyl only bonus tracks "Mama" and "Pocket Change"
    •Includes digital download card
    •150 gram vinyl
    • $19.99
  • Lucero - Women & Work LP
    Item #: ATLP27
    Women & Work once again finds the core six-members of Lucero joined by Memphis horn legends Jim Spake (Solomon Burke, Ray Charles) and Scott Thompson (Al Green, Cat Power) on eleven new, original songs that range from barroom brawlers to lonesome laments, and cut deeper than anything else in the band’s extensive catalog. The album was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, and produced by Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem).
    Free CD version of the album included.
    • $13.99
  • Lucero - Women & Work (Live) 7" Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP62
    Exclusive Live 7" Vinyl record of two Lucero tracks; "Women & Work (Live)" on the A side and "Sixes and Sevens (Live)" on the B side.
    • $4.99
  • SOJA - Strength to Survive Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP29
    SOJA's highly anticipated new album, Strength to Survive, is now available to order!
    • $17.99
  • Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now LP
    Item #: ATLP16
    LP includes a bonus 7" with two exclusive songs and full album on CD with additional bonus material.
    • $18.99
  • The Bees - Every Step's A Yes LP
    Item #: ATLP14
    Includes full album on CD plus an extra 10" EP of bonus material.
    • $17.99
  • Umphrey's McGee - Death by Stereo Vinyl
    Item #: ATLP22
    Death By Stereo vinyl double LP includes three bonus tracks on side D and full album on CD. "'Death By Stereo' is a lethal musical gumbo stewed by the band's seemingly telepathic six members. The album finds the “fluid and majestic” (Washington Post Express) sextet’s feet firmly entrenched in hard-hitting rock while still exploring radical new territories: 'Sticky Fingers'-era Rolling Stones romp on "Wellwishers," Black Keys-style blues on "Domino Theory," and horns-infused 70s funk on "Booth Love." "Conduit" delivers the type of dual-guitar fireworks that Umphrey's has become known for and “Miami Virtue” is an upbeat, kaleidoscopic blend of Phoenix and Pink Floyd."
    • $17.99
  • 311 – Universal Pulse LP
    Item #: ATLP17
    Universal Pulse, 311’s 10th studio album, celebrates the Omaha-born, L.A.-based band’s 21st year together. Recorded at the band’s own Hive Studio in North Hollywood, CA, with renowned producer Bob Rock (Aerosmith, Metallica), the album “is about making happiness available during tough times.” Vocalist, Nick Hexum, describes the phrase Universal Pulse as “a nod to the ideology of unity through music and it’s connective energy…It’s about the power of music itself.”
    • $16.99
  • Gomez – Whatever’s On Your Mind LP (White Vinyl)
    Item #: ATLP21
    Artwork by UK graphic designer Sean Freeman. Includes full album on CD.

    Track Listing:

    SIDE A
    1. Options
    2. I Will Take You There
    3. Whatever's On Your Mind
    4. Just As Lost As You
    5. The Place And The People

    SIDE B
    1. Our Goodbye
    2. Song In My Heart
    3. Equalize
    4. That Wolf
    5. X-Rays

    • $16.99
  • My Morning Jacket - Circuital LP
    Item #: ATLP18
    2 x 180-gram vinyl LPs, cut at 45rpm & mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Gatefold packaging includes inner sleeves and lyrics insert. Includes coupon for digital download.

    Circuital is the first album the group has made in Kentucky since It Still Moves, recording it in the gymnasium of a Louisville church under the aegis of producer Tucker Martine. For Jim James, the new album finds a sweet understanding between the questing creative impulses of Evil Urges and the more familiar feel of My Morning Jacket’s earlier work.
    • $17.99
  • Bobby Long- A Winter Tale  Double LP
    Item #: ATLP42
    Deluxe Double LP Set. Includes 3 vinyl only bonus tracks, and lyric insert.
    • $15.99
  • Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots LP
    Item #: ATLP26
    180 gram gatefold LP

    Far more than on any of the Drive-By Truckers' previous albums, Go-Go Boots rises like smoke from the old Muscle Shoals country-and-soul sound. Having recorded with Bettye LaVette and Booker T. Jones, and having spent a lifetime listening to classic soul albums by Bobby Womack, Tony Joe White, and especially Eddie Hinton, it was inevitable that the Truckers eventually produce this album.
    • $26.99
  • The Whigs - In The Dark LP
    Item #: ATLP34
    Track list
    1. "Hundred / Million"
    2. "Black Lotus"
    3. "Kill Me Carolyne"
    4. "Someone's Daughter"
    5. "So Lonely"
    6. "Dying"
    7. "I Don't Even Care About The One I Love"
    8. "Automatic"
    9. "I Am For Real"
    10. "In The Dark"
    11. "Naked"
    • $14.99
  • Drive-By Truckers - The Big To Do LP
    Item #: ATLP25
    10th album from the Drive-By Truckers featuring songs by Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley and Shonna Tucker. Features the songs "This Fucking Job (Working This Job)" and "Birthday Boy".

    • 180 gram, double gatefold vinyl
    • CD included (without artwork)
    • Bonus Track (Vinyl only): Girls Who Smoke
    • $26.99
  • Dawes - North Hills LP
    Item #: ATLP24
    Gatefold 180 gram vinyl with full copy of CD included.

    Recorded live to tape (all analog) at Canyonsound Studio in Laurel Canyon, CA. Produced by Jonathan Wilson (Elvis Costello, Johnathan Rice, Jenny Lewis) and mastered by Rob Fraboni (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton) at Effortless Mastering in Weston, CT.

    "North Hills, the band's debut album from the precocious quartet (formerly known as Simon Dawes) is a collection of 11, near-flawless roots-rock offerings that drip with such a defined sense of soul, grit and harmony, it feels nearly criminal to label this album contemporary...Take some time to sit down with this release and let it seep into the soul, there's a good chance ten years down the line, upcoming musicians will point to this release as the one that made them want to try harder." - AbsolutePunk.com
    • $18.99
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 LP
    Item #: ATLP88
    The critically acclaimed sophomore album available on vinyl for the first time.

    180-gram audiophile vinyl, Album download card included.
    • $19.99
  • Gomez - A New Tide LP
    Item #: ATLP41
    1. Mix
    2. Little Pieces
    3. If I Ask You Nicely
    4. Lost Track
    5. Win Park Slope
    6. Bone Tired
    7. Airstream Driver
    8. Natural Reaction
    9. Very Strange
    10.Other Plans
    11. Sunset Gates
    • $18.99
  • The Fireman - Electric Arguments LP
    Item #: ATLP12
    1. "Nothing Too Much Just out of Sight" – 4:55
    2. "Two Magpies" - 2:12
    3. "Sing the Changes" - 3:44
    4. "Travelling Light" - 5:06
    5. "Highway" - 4:17
    6. "Light From Your Lighthouse" - 2:31
    7. "Sun is Shining" - 5:12
    8. "Dance ’Til We’re High" - 3:37
    9. "Lifelong Passion" - 4:49
    10. "Is this Love?" - 5:52
    11. "Lovers in a Dream" - 5:22
    12. "Universal Here, Everlasting Now" - 5:05
    13. "Don’t Stop Running" - 10:31
    • $24.98
  • My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges (Vinyl Edition)
    Item #: ATLP05
    2x disc, Limited Edition, Gatefold, 180 gram vinyl CD version of the album is included in the gatefold
    • $19.98
  • My Morning Jacket – Z LP
    Item #: ATLP08
    2x disc, limited edition, double gatefold, 180 gram vinyl, Bonus Track, CD version of the album is included.

    Track Listing:

    1. Wordless Chorus

    2. It Beats For You

    3. Gideon

    4. What A Wonderful Man

    5. Off The Record

    6. Into The Woods

    7. Anytime

    8. Lay Low

    9. Knot Comes Loose

    10. Dondante

    BONUS TRACK: Chills
    • $19.98
  • My Morning Jacket - Acoustic Citsuoca LP
    Item #: ATLP09
    Limited edition, 180 gram vinyl, CD version of the album is included.
    • $10.98
  • My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves LP
    Item #: ATLP07
    2x disc, limited edition, double gatefold, 180 gram vinyl, CD version of the album is included.
    • $19.98
  • SOJA Amid the Noise and Haste 2-LP Gold Vinyl + Download
    Item #: AT37COMBO
    SOJA Amid the Noise and Haste 2-LP Gold Vinyl + Download

    Amid the Noise and Haste features special guests Michael Franti, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, J Boog, Collie Buddz and more.

    Lyrics included inside vinyl cover.

    International Shipping is available! Click here for more information

    • $21.99
  • Ben Kweller - Sawdust Man 45 RPM Vinyl Single
    Item #: ATLP13
    Track List:

    1. Sawdust Man
    2. Send Me Down the Road
    • $5.98
  • It’s Great To Be Alive! (Deluxe 5 LP + 3-CD Set)
    Item #: ATLP196
    Bundled up in a specially designed deluxe box this set documents the Drive-By Truckers career-spanning 3-night run at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco.

    INCLUDES: 5 LPs + 3 CDs + 4 mini concert posters by Wes Freed + 16-page LP-sized booklet with liner notes by Patterson Hood

    Deluxe Vinyl side breakdown:
    Lookout Mountain
    Where the Devil Don't Stay
    Sink Hole
    First Air of Autumn
    Made Up English Oceans
    The Righteous Path
    Women Without Whiskey
    Mercy Buckets
    The Living Bubba
    Primer Coat
    Sounds Better in the Song
    Used to Be a Cop
    Shit Shots Count
    Runaway Train
    A Ghost to Most
    Goode's Field Road
    Uncle Frank
    Putting People on the Moon
    Box of Spiders
    When the Pin Hits the Shell
    A World of Hurt
    Gravity's Gone
    Pauline Hawkins
    Birthday Boy
    Girls Who Smoke
    Get Downtown
    Ronnie and Neil
    Three Dimes Down
    Hell No, I Ain't Happy
    Marry Me
    Shut Up and Get on the Plane
    Angels and Fuselage
    Zip City
    Grand Canyon
    • $59.98
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